Self Help Pet Therapy Books

Over the years, Jill has been asked so many times about how to better care for their pets, how to assess gait and movement, how to avoid problems, how to recognise problems earlier, what the best choice of therapy is when problems do occur and even how to massage. She has put the answers to these, and many more, health questions in a range of books that you can download and be reading in minutes.

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Looking After Your Horse’s Back

Horse Therapy

Only £9.95

A great number of horse owners ask Jill what they can do to avoid back problems in their horses and how they can help look after their horses’ backs.

Jill has put the answers to many questions about back problems, equine lameness and other performance problems in this 35 page book,

The book is full of facts and practical help, illustrated with many diagrams and photographs and is based on the experience of a very busy and successful animal therapist.

The book has a large self-help section, which will teach you to assess your horse’s back, how to feel the muscles in the horse’s back and recognise the early signs of soreness, tension or muscle spasm.

You can learn how to assess your horse’s general mobility as he walks and trots up and down the yard.

Learn how your horse’s conformation could affect his performance.

Learn about correct foot balance and whether your horse’s feet are comfortable or not.

Learn whether your saddle fits, and whether it could be helping or hindering your horse.

Learn how to perform equine massage… this book tells you exactly how to massage your horse.

Learn how to perform exercises that will improve your horse’s suppleness.

Written by a qualified animal therapist, horse owner and rider, for all horse owner and riders everywhere

To get the very best performance from your horse
you need to look after its back.

Looking After Your Horses’ Back is available for download NOW! At only £9.95 it’s sure to pay for itself many times over, in reduced vets’ bills!

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Canine Athletes and Couch Pet-atos

Dog Therapy

Only £12.95

All dog’s are athletes whether they compete or not, but because of their inherent tendencies to race around and play they are also at risk from muscle strains, bumps, slips, falls, slipped discs and other injuries.

In the early stages, these little "tweaks" can often go unoticed but eventually some symptoms will probably be seen.

Are you concerned about some aspect of your dog’s behaviour or movement?

Does your dog show any of these signs:

  • have difficulty jumping up or down
  • crying out when getting up or lying down
  • not wanting to play or exercise
  • a change in posture
  • a change in behaviour
  • lameness or limb dragging or catching claws
  • pain or discomfort

Any of these, and other problems, could be back related.

But, you can learn to help your dog.

Learn how to assess his movement.

Learn how to perform some useful massage techniques, mobility exercises and stretches.

If you compete, learn how to improve your dog’s performance with proper warm up routines which will give you the edge over your competitors.

There is also a large self-help section, which will teach you to assess your dog’s back, how to feel the muscles in the dog’s back and recognise early signs of soreness, tension or muscle spasm.

Learn about slipped discs and what you can do to help.

There is also a large section on complementary therapies – including acupuncture, homoeopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, hydrotherapy and swimming – and how they could help your dog.

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Training Your Dog for Canine Sports

Dog Training

Only £9.99

Canine sports are now a very popular part of dog ownership & there are loads of sports available.

  • Flyball
  • Obedience dogs
  • Agility dogs
  • Racing huskies
  • Field Trial dogs
  • Show dogs
  • Racing Greyhounds
  • Gun dogs
  • Heelwork to music
  • Etc

But, how do you train your dog for these events?

How do you properly, condition the dog, feed it correctly, warm up and improve the performance of a canine athlete.

Most professional trainers know that the best performance will come from a dog with the correct conformation for a particular sport area and one which has been conditioned to peak physical and mental fitness. They also know exactly how to train and prepare dogs for competitive events bearing in mind the specific needs of the dog in terms of skills, training, exercise, nutrition, and avoiding injury.

But, most amateur competitors are not sure exactly what to do. Just because your dog is active and runs around a lot doesn’t mean it is fit enough to take part in sporting events. And if you do participate in canine sports without proper preparation, you significantly increase the risk of injuring your dog.

So, this book will show you exactly how to prepare your dog for canine sports.

  • It will teach you how to apply the principles of Sports Science to dogs to achieve maximum performance.
  • It will teach you about conditioning body systems to achieve peak physical and mental fitness.
  • You will learn about the correct feeding and nutrition of the canine athlete.
  • It will show you exactly how to design a training programme to suit your dog.
  • It will teach you how to warm up and cool down your dog properly.
  • It will teach you how to use massage and stretching to improve your dog’s performance.
  • And you will learn how to avoid injuries to your dog.

So whatever sport it is that you and your dog enjoy, you will know that your dog is properly conditioned and mentally prepared for it.

Only £9.99
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