Jill Firth: animal therapist

Jill Firth: Animal Therapist

The Pet Therapies website was devised and created by Jill Firth PG Dip(AM) CertEd.

Jill has been involved with animals all her life – working with horses for over 20 years – and is trained to BHS Stage IV standard. She has bred and shown Dalmatians, producing puppies which went on to stand in the top four at Crufts and has also trained dogs to advanced obedience level. Jill competes regularly in affiliated Dressage competitions with her Dutch Warmblood and her Welsh part bred pony who are both working at Medium (3rd) level.

Jill Firth is an animal physical therapist who uses a therapeutic modality based upon the techniques taught by the McTimoney College of Chiropractic on their Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Manipulation – in which Jill is qualified at Distinction level, one of a select few to be qualified at this level.

Jill also uses a range of techniques including: massage, soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilisation, passive stretches and exercises.

Jill is a qualified Lecturer in Animal and Equine Science. Her areas of specialist knowledge include:-

Equine Sports Medicine Animal Behaviour
Equine Exercise Physiology Animal Nutrition
Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation Anatomy, Physiology & Animal Nursing

For over 10 years Jill has owned a very busy animal physical therapy practice treating thousands of different horses, ponies and dogs, suffering from a very wide range of problems.

As well as providing manipulative therapy for general riding horses and ponies and family pet dogs with mobility, lameness and other musculoskeletal problems, a great deal of Jill’s work involves maintaining and improving the performance of working and competition animals. Such as:

• Dressage horses
• Showjumpers and eventers
• Racehorses, long distance horses and show horses
• Obedience, agility and heel work to music dogs
• Racing huskies and grehounds
• Show dogs
• Gun dogs, flyball dogs etc

Throughout this time, Jill has seen a substantial number of horses and dogs whose particular problems could have been avoided if their owners had had a little more knowledge.